Frequently Asked Questions About 2 Find MP3

A file is marked with a green dot, but I can’t download it.

When a file is marked as available, this means that the site was willing to send the file at the moment of verification. The moment you try to download the file, the site can be busy because other users connected to the site between the moment of verification and your attempt to download the file. Just hit Restart to try to download it again !

Where are my downloaded files ?

The files are by default saved in the Downloads directory of 2 Find Mp3.

My question isn’t answered in this faq. Where to go now ?

Be sure to visit the 2 Find Mp3 website to consult the online FAQ. If you don’t find an answer there, you can mail us at faq@npssoftware.com.

Here are some general tips to make the most out of 2 Find Mp3

Be sure to allow enough time (approximately 1 minute) for the search process to complete. This will ensure you a maximum of available files.

In order to have a nice overview of the verification process, maximize 2 Find Mp3 (double click the title bar or hit the maximize button).