ICQ File Share

What is ICQ File Share ?

ICQ File Share is a new and easy way to share your files over the internet. ICQ File Share adds a new dimension to the extremely popular ICQ chat program. Because ICQ File Share is fully integrated into ICQ, it instantly allows you to start sharing all of your files with your online friends, relatives and co-workers.

With ICQ File Share, you can share a directory on your harddisk with anyone appearing in your ICQ contact list. When ICQ is not available, you can still use ICQ File Share by providing the IP addresses of your friends.

Unlike other peer to peer file sharing programs, such as Napster, BearShare and the Audiogalaxy network, ICQ File Share allows you to browse the directories your friends make available to you in a direct and easy way.

With ICQ File Share, you can search for the music, movies, documents and other types of media you want. Not only can you share directories on your harddisk, you can also share your CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs.

You can share any type of file: mp3, jpg, gif, mpg, avi, asf, wmf, mov, doc, … you name it !
ICQ File Share is absolutely free !

Features and Benefits

  • Fully integrated into ICQ
  • Extended file search capabilities
  • Leech access or upload/download ratio
  • Fast direct uploads and downloads
  • Resume broken downloads
  • Invite your friends to join the ICQ File Share community
  • Create and send file lists
  • Multiple share connections
  • Send ICQ instant messages from within ICQ File Share
  • User friendly interface

System Requirements

Windows 9x/2000/Me/NT
IE 4.0 or higher

Download ICQ File Share