All-in-One DVD Player

What is All-in-One DVD Player ?

Play and organize your favorite movies complete with built-in theatre and poster art! All-in-One DVD Player supports all popular video formats including AVI, MPG, DivX, XviD and various DVD standards. All-in-One DVD Player has been designed to suit the casual viewer as well as the true movie lover. Organizing your movies becomes easy and fun with the automatic retrieval of movie posters and the wealth of information and trivia presented in the movie browser. Thanks to All-in-One DVD Player you will enjoy countless hours of pleasure and entertainment!

All-in-One DVD Player runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP.

All-in-One DVD Player Features

  • excellent video playback and crisp sound quality
  • browse and select posters for all movies
  • integrated movie browser
  • well designed and intuitive user interface
  • completely free

What Users Say About All-in-One DVD Player

Wilma Buster – Great Movie Player
I really like the option to categorize all my music files. The browser comes in real handy to find more information about the movies you like.

Jamie Lee Lewis – Just What I Needed
Great interface. Much better than other free player.

John – Top Program
I really like this player because it has a great theater and many possibilities for managing all your movie files.

Download All-in-One DVD Player