What is 2 Find MP3 ?

2 Find MP3 is a free and easy to use MP3 search tool that allows you to find thousands of free MP3 music files on the Internet. There are many MP3 search engines on the Internet that offer free MP3 files and 2 Find MP3 makes it easy to find and download the MP3 music you are looking for.

2 Find MP3 verifies all download links and marks all available MP3 files with a green check mark. Simply select the MP3 files you want to download and 2 Find MP3 takes care of the rest. In the play list view you can play and manage your MP3 music files.

Why bother with programs like Kazaa and LimeWire when you can download free MP3 music files directly from the Internet ?

2 Find MP3 runs on Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP.

The latest version of 2 Find MP3 has an updated set of MP3 search engines, an enhanced play list, and some minor bug fixes.

2 Find MP3 Features

  • thousands of free MP3 music files
  • 200+ MP3 search results in just seconds
  • real-time verification of MP3 search results
  • fast and reliable MP3 downloads
  • automatic update of MP3 search engines
  • clear presentation of MP3 search results
  • locate complete MP3 albums in a glimpse

What Our Users Say About 2 Find MP3

Jeff – Smart little tool
You wouldn’t suspect it when you run it for the first time but 2 Find MP3 is a very effective MP3 search tool. With all the free MP3 music files you can find on the internet it doesn’t make sense to stick to Kazaa.

Jack Miller – Best MP3 search engines yet
As a user of the previous version of 2 Find MP3, I am very pleased with the new MP3 search engines. There are a lot of new MP3 files available and downloads are faster than ever. Thumbs up!

MP3 Lover – Music is for everybody
Stop making life difficult for people who love MP3 music. We will buy the records if they are any good. But first we will download the MP3 music for free to make up our minds.

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